Commercial Drone Applications

We only focus on the largest and most promising sectors!

Refining Solutions

We are modernizing the inspection processes in refinery's and other industrial facilities. We develop safer and more affordable solutions, utilizing drones!

Wind & Solar Energy

We use drones to develop a safer environment where less man power and safety pre-cautions are required in order to mantain industrial energy facilities.

Oil & Gas

We are paving the way for oil and gas related drone inspections. Whether it is sending a drone down into void tanks, or up to inspect the derrick, we have a solution.


Drones can be used to monitor, inspect, and predict crop cycles, harvests, and more. Contact us today to learn more about drones being used in agriculture.

Increasing efficiency through innovation

The utilization of drone technology, Fly-Tech Solutions Safe Flight Practice Standards, and dedication to a culture of QHSE are just a couple of reasons why Fly-Tech Solutions is positioned to be an industry leader. However, it is our primary obligation to enlighten others not only on the benefits of utilizing drone technology but how to use this technology efficiently to generate revenue in new and existing markets.

Drones are just now making their debut into the world of business and are quickly changing the ways we work. When paired with other existing technologies, drones become an incredible tool. Whether you need real-estate photography, topographic mapping, thermal imaging, volumetrix, or security surveilance, drones can get the job done!


Consulting Services

We're here to help! Drones are new technology and integrating them with business solutions can be pretty complicated... Not to worry though, we are equipped and ready to help you get the job done. We are profficient in utilizing drones for various industrial inspections, mining and raw materials volumetrics, topographical mapping, and much more.

By equiping drones with various technologies, like thermal imaging devices, metric scanning systems, or surveying equipment, they can be used to accomplish jobs in a safe, quick, and inexpensive manner. Drones are quickly replacing 3 and 4 man safety teams for oilfield and industrial inspections, limiting the time, resources, and effort involved with accomplishing the work.

We can help!

We are experienced with integrating drones into existing businesses, and can help you to develop your drone divisions, projects, and training. Whether you simply need a few pilots trained, or would like to establish an entirely new department, we will show you the way!

If you are not quite sure if drones could be used in your business or industry, give us a call! You would be surprised how these amazing tools can be used! We've flown drones through tunnels and pipes, over water tanks, and under ground. Each and every time we were able to complete an inspection, collect the needed data, or meet the specific requirements.

Why choose us?

Utilizing drone technology can be a lifesaver (literally) when it comes to carrying out inspections and other aerial work in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our team understands that every client has unique challenges within their respective industries and niche markets and that is why we tailor our solutions specifically to what is best for each individual client. With a core focus on safe flight practices in real-world environments our training programs better prepare our pilots to fly in commercial and industrial environments.

FAA Part 107 Training


Fly-Tech Solutions is proud to announce we will be launching our very own, Online Drone School!

Fly Drone School© will offer pilots exactly what they need to learn and study in order to pass and complete their FAA Part 107 Certification. This is the first and most important step to every drone pilot's business! We also plan to release various other instructional course to guide pilots into their career.

The Fly Application will also offer a market place for pilots and job listings to connect our certified and competent pilots to the jobs they need! Fly will be the very first real-time b2b and b2c drone market place. Pilots can display their certifications, portfolio, location, and more so that potential clients can vette their pilots before each job

Our proprietary Fly Tools© system is set to release in Fall of 2020 and will allow commercial pilots to easily log, mantain, and monitor their commercial job sites from anywhere. Fly Tools will help create pilots that operate and record their flights in a safe and professional fashion.


Founded in Houston, Texas


About Us

Fly-Tech Solutions was founded to advance the utilization of drone technology to create an efficient, cost effective, and lower-risk solution for industrial applications while practicing a culture of safety. We believe in being more than just a service provider or drone provider. We understand that no job and no customer faces the same set of challenges so we tailor our solutions to what’s best for each clients individual needs. By designing our training programs and field flight procedures with a core focus on QHSE, Fly-Tech Solutions is paving the way for safe drone utilization.


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